Success is easy with a 2nd Take's low risk Franchise

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Success is easy with a 2nd Take's low risk Franchise

Starting your own low risk Franchise business under changing marketplace conditions and an economy under duress, can derail the best laid plans. Business success is a matter of being able to adapt to a changing environment. These are some ideas on how to weather the storms to come and to enjoy continued success.

Find good advice on how to run a successful 2nd Take low risk Franchise

We know you are excited to get started, but please take the time to read this next page, as every new business has its challenges, even if you want to start a 2nd Take low risk Franchise stores.

Starting your own Franchise business is a risk, changing marketplace conditions and an economy under duress, can derail the best laid plans. Survival and business success now is a matter of being able to adapt to a changing environment. The most important factor to business success is being able to work as a team, in order to weather the storms to come, plan for the upturn and enjoy continued success.

You will find our best advice; must-do’s and tips, for running a successful 2nd Take low risk Franchise here.

·        Always be informed

Learn all there is to learn about 2nd Take and its operations. Be a sponge and always stay up to date with developments.

·        Be a team player

As 2nd Take Franchise Partner, you are now part of the 2nd Take Family. One of the reasons, why you choose to open a 2nd Take low risk Franchise business, is the ongoing support you will receive. You are in business for yourself, but not by yourself.

·        Accept majority rule

In a Franchise set up, there are rules and this means you will not always get what you want. Accept this with a smile and move on.

·        Embrace the 2nd Take rules

We have granted you a Franchise licence, by joining 2nd Take, you have agreed to operate your 2nd Take Store according to our business blue print and regulations.

·        Be pro-active

Allow us to lead the way, but take an active interest in anything concerning your store. Your capital is being spent and your future is at stake.

·        Stay positive

A positive attitude and a “can-do” approach to life and your business, is more likely to deliver positive results all-round, than a negative outlook would.

·        Uphold ethics

Be honest and transparent in all your business dealings.

·        Strive for win-win outcomes

Don’t be greedy; win-win outcomes are the root of every successful business and also our low risk franchise.

·        Don’t resent the fees

Pay the ongoing fees willingly; your business success will be the result of being part of the 2nd Take Franchise. 2nd Take offers a wide range of support services to you, in exchange.

·        Represent the brand with pride

We, the Franchisor, are the custodian of the 2nd Take brand, your role is that of a brand ambassador. Live up to it.

·        Focus on your task

We will set strategic direction. It is your job to look after your customers, to achieve your sales targets and make your low risk franchise business profitable.

·        Participate in training activities

Realise the importance of training and participate enthusiastically in the training activities we offer.

·        Work with us

Appreciate our role and co-operate with us – it will be to your benefit.

·        Undertake local marketing

Support our brand building efforts, by becoming the centre of your local community. Don’t neglect local marketing, it is an integral and important part of your business success.

·        Embrace your customers

Remember that your customers help you pay your bills. Without them you have no business, so treat them very well.

·        Be a good sport

Interact with us and fellow Franchise Partners. By helping each other, we grow stronger.

·        Aim for perfection

Strive to build the brand into the best it can be within your territory and to become the best 2nd Take Franchise Partner in South Africa.

·        Strive for service excellence


Remember that if you perform badly, you are letting down the team. Through brand affiliation, fellow Franchisees in territories far removed from yours may suffer.

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2nd Take is a member of FASA, the Franchise Association of South Africa.