Second-hand Fashion is good for the Environment

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Second-hand Fashion is good for the Environment

Buying your favourite Designer clothes can be costly. Why not give second-hand clothes from your favourite designer stocked at 2nd Take a try.  You'll be saving the environment and your bank account balance stays healthy. A win all around.

What is the Fashion industry doing to the environment?

Every day the textile industry uses natural and man-made fibers to create clothing. Man-made fibers are commonly used because they are low budget and are easy to maintain. Although the man made fibers are inexpensive to produce and easy to maintain, they are not easily recyclable. The textile industry has grown immensely over the years because there is a demand in clothing. As a result there has been an increase in the landfill pollution and that is caused by the growth in the textile industry. The left overs from the textile is thrown away every month. And these left overs are being disposed in the right way. The waste has now been creating landfill pollution and is polluting the environment. In an effort to reduce landfill sites, when shopping you could opt to buy second hand clothes opposed to new garments.

2nd Take Fashion Franchise - second-hand designer clothing online shopping - Buy Second Hand Clothes and Save the Environment

Could second-hand clothes be the next big thing?

These days purchasing designer clothing can be costly therefore people are now purchasing second hand clothes as the cheaper route. It is very important to budget when deciding to go shopping. People tend to underestimate the buying of second-hand clothing .

What can we do to help?

People are becoming aware of the environmental problems in the country and are rethinking the amount waste they create through shopping. It is important to inform people how the textile industry is polluting the environment, before it is too late. It is simple, now days old clothes can be revamped into looking like new pieces. Even designers from big fashion houses see an opportunity to recycle older pieces, by  giving a new feel to old clothing. These refurbished designer garment could be a expensive, but you could do your part to help save the environment as a fashionista by buying second hand clothes and accessories. We, at 2nd Take, encourage people to recycle their clothes in order to reduce landfill mass. Recycling clothes cuts the amount of textile production waste exponentially.

Who is wearing second hand clothes?

With online shopping market expanding people tend to buy online, now you can buy international designer second hand clothes at 2nd Take for a fraction of the price. Celebrities such as Nicole Kidman, Julia Roberts just to name a few are know for their environmental activism and opt for wearing recycled gowns to Red Carpet events.

2nd Take Fashion Franchise - second-hand designer clothing online shopping - Buy Second Hand Clothes and Save the Environment

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