Find American Eagle clothing at our second-hand online clothing store

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Find American Eagle clothing at our second-hand online clothing store

Learn more about brands available for shopping online like American Eagle jeans and buy American Eagle clothing at our second-hand online clothing store. 2nd Take's second-hand international designer brands are in perfect conndition and sell at up to 70% below normal retail prices, every day!

Shop at 2nd Take’s Second-hand Online ClothingStore

The precarious adventure of shopping for designer fashion in a second-hand online clothing store has never been easier with 2nd Take’s online shop!

Our 2nd Take second-hand online clothing store is designed to lead you through a simple, clean and time conscious shopping experience that gives you access to the latest unpacked designer brands which are good quality and are priced reasonably.

We are overjoyed to share that, recently,  our stores have unpacked consignment stock from American Eagle Outfitters and you can shop a unique pair of denim jeans from the convenience of your home at a fraction of the cost! After all, we make you look and feel great for less after all.



Shop in our second-hand online clothing store! At 2nd Take we make you look and feel great for less!


American Eagle Outfitter’s latest cut of jeans, the Skinny Skinnys are made for the person who finds the  American Eagle Jerkins a little too baggy. These skinny jeans are unique because they are practically spray on denims and are made of the softest material, are super flexible as well as eco-friendly. If you find Jerkins too loose for your comfort, these Skinny Skinnys are what you are looking for.


You can pair these jeans with a white t-shirt coupled by a pair of brown or tan sandals and even a black ankle boot in colder weather!


One More Thing…

If you read this far, you’ll be happy to know, that you now can come to 2nd Take and get 10% off your next purchase! All you have to do is quote the discount from the American Eagle Skinny Skinny promotion!

The reason for your discount, is that we at 2nd Take had a little bit of fun with you this year! American Eagle, doesn’t actually sell the Skinny Skinny product, they only have it on April’s Fools day… and this April Fool’s Day we got you.

Happy April Fool’s Day!

Your 2nd Take Team.


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