Financing your 2nd Take low cost Franchise

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Financing your 2nd Take low cost Franchise

There are several ways to finance your 2nd Take low risk and low cost Franchise in South Africa. E-mail us on and we call you back!

Financing your 2nd Take low cost Franchise in South Africa

So, you have taken the big step and decided you want to start a 2nd Take Franchise in South Africa. Now, it is a question of finding the available funds to gear the business and drive it to a state of readiness. For this to happen you need to have financing in place for your low cost franchise business, whether it be your own cash or borrowed cash.

You will spend money on your 2nd Take low cost Franchise in the following ways:

  • Established overhead structure for the business
  • Working capital until your 2nd Take store breaks even and becomes profitable
  • New Business development initiatives
  • Facilitate staff salary payments
  • Marketing and advertising

Where can you get funding for your 2nd Take low cost franchise?

There are several options many of them endorsed by the relevant industry bodies and FASA:

  1. Unencumbered own cash
  2. Borrowed money - four major banks (viz. ABSA, FNB, Standard Bank and Nedbank) etc.
  3. Ceded policies and assets – life policies / retirement annuities / endowments
  4. External Third Party Finance houses

Financing Requirement as a route to Business Development

Furthermore, financing is a big part of Business Development – with money being utilised to deliver various viable marketing avenues for category development. 2nd Take has vast experience and expertise in effective online and conventional marketing that will deliver results and drive market penetration and business growth. We will do our part to support the sales growth in you store and product off-take. However, you also need to invest money local Marketing activities. Your funds are an investment in your business success and we will measure, analyse and optimise.

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2nd Take is a member of FASA, the Franchise Association of South Africa.